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Our goal at International Marriage Agencies is to help men find the happiness they are looking for with a foreign wife.   It’s a fact, being involved in a good relationship is the best thing that can happen to a man.  Dozens of peer reviewed scientific studies have proves this, however the 21st century it is often difficult for a man, particularly an accomplished professional man to find the right woman.  


You are busy and it is often difficult to find girls for marriage if you are not active in your local community.  Many successful men spend so much time working that they do not really develop good social connections where they live, because spend so much time traveling and working out of town.  Often a man reaches a certain stage in his career, decides that he needs more than simply economic success, and begins looking for girls seeking marriage.
However, by that point it is very difficult for a man, particularly an American or European man, to even find girls for marriage.  International Marriage Agencies help, because we give men from around the world the chance to meet some of the most intelligent, charismatic, and, yes, sexy Eastern European ladies imaginable. 
These beautiful women want to meet men who are successful, intelligent, and kind. Click on some of the profiles here and take a look at these Russian singles.  These sexy Eastern European girls for marriage are real and they want to meet guys just like you. 


Why do so many amazing women want to meet American and European men?   Every man looks at the photos of these beautiful ladies and asks that question.  There are a lot of factors and each and every woman has a different individual story, but vodka, yes, the clear strong alcoholic beverage, is the primary culprit that drives so many beautiful ladies from Russia, Ukraine, and most of the other nations in Eastern Europe to sign up with international marriage agencies.

In the twenty years since the collapse of the old Soviet Union there has been a constant swirl of social, economic, and political change across the formerly closed societies of Eastern Europe.  There have been immense  positive effects, but for many Russian ladies there have also been some real and painful negative consequences.

For instance, Russian marriages have in general become much more difficult.  Under communism women were officially equal in the eyes of the state, but the social traditions persisted beneath the surface.  Once communism died many Russian husbands forcefully reasserted their rights in the home often while stumbling drunk on the cheap vodka and even cheaper industrial alcohol that has flooded the region since 1991.

This problem has been compounded by economic turmoil that has put many men out of work, but even  when the Eastern Europe economy rebounded in the years since 2003 alcohol consumption had become so ingrained that drinking continued to increase.  

These patterns of alcohol consumption have really complicated dating and marriage for Eastern European women.  First, there are just fewer eligible men, because so many men die in alcohol related accidents.  Literally, men across the region are literally drinking themselves to death.


Russian men have a life expectancy about 58, but even that low number is misleading, because millions of more men as young as their mid-twenties are suffering from debilitating alcohol related illnesses.  By the time they are in their mid-thirties many Eastern European men are no longer physically capable of much of anything and certainly are not husband material in the eyes of the local women.

The vodka also led to an explosion of domestic violence across the Former Soviet Union.  There is virtually no protection for women in these situations except divorce and so the divorce rate has skyrocketed.   So, it is really not shocking that the most beautiful Eastern European women are signing up for international marriage agencies.  The surprise is that even more are not.

Don’t trust us though.  Do your own research.  A quick Google search will confirm these simple facts. Once you understand the situation take a look around the site.

Click on the profiles of some of these beautiful Eastern and see just how just amazing these beautiful women really are.  I believe that you will see that here at International Marriage Agencies we really are giving you the chance to meet some of the most beautiful women in the world and find the foreign wife to make your life complete.

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Jan 15, 2010

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International Marriage Agencies has joined the largest international dating affiliate network powered by Anastasia International. The network’s email server is linked to more than 1000 agencies across Eastern Europe with over 15,000 Russian and Ukrainian ladies registered.

This gives you the tools you need to find the woman of your dreams.

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